Sibel Ergener
UPDATE 18 August 2013: new artwork in the upcoming week!

My paintings are a meeting of my French and Turkish multicultural heritage, Eastern and Western history, and current events. Using imagery appropriated from Islamic illumination and western painting, I create drawings and paintings to explore my relationship with these cultures and the contemporary world.
I received a book on miniature painting in Turkish, and with my influent command of the language I cobbled together stories from what I could understand of the text and what I imagined was happening in the little narrative illuminations. I use this structure of combining what I can understand with what I see to react to the incredible current events taking place around the world.
Through this work I deal with the horrible and amazing things that people are capable of doing by using a combination of figures painted like the ones I see in miniature paintings, colorful anthropomorphic creatures, patterns found on tiles in mosques or churches, vivid color schemes, and an amalgamation of borrowed and personal imagery. I make up ideas of narratives, little pieces of a larger, indecipherable story, into these drawings and paintings.